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Driving My Dreams: A Guide to Effective Goal Setting & Strategic Life Planning E-Book

Have you ever found yourself stuck in “Neutral”? You realize that you are not going in “Reverse”; however, you cannot push yourself into “Drive”. Have you ever gotten to a place where you thought…I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Or maybe it’s…I have done it this way all along, and this is not working. There is something special about an “aha” moment that forces you to seek advice, do research, or reach out for guidance. If you are in “Neutral” or wanting to pick up the speed to meet goals, Driving My Dreams is for you. Let's CONQUER those goals together!


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4 Riveting “SESSIONS” Of Interactive Content, Worksheets And Reflective Practices. [INSTANT DOWNLOAD]

“The Body”

Learn how to create effective goals using the T.R.A.I.N.S Method and develop objectives that INVIGORATE you to live by your WHY! Assess your readiness for change and create a wish list that manifests your dreams.


“The Tires”

Learn to create small yet achievable action steps that actually generate movement to thrust your life goals forward. In addition, learn how to prioritize and develop momentum to continue the goal driven journey.


“Estimated Time of Arrival”

Shift your mindset to accomplish your projected deadlines and prepare for roadblocks and detours that may occur. Address past fears and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Discover who, the key players, should ride along for your journey and how to connect with them.


“The Engine”

Create a goal driven mindset that cranks the engine and propels you forward. Learn to create routines, accountability, and an atmosphere for success. Shift your mindset to align with your skillset…moving from Neutral to DRIVE!

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