Blocked Blessings = Tough Lessons

Let me start by saying that I have a PhD not MD. And friend, I know NOTHING about medical issues or procedures. But when I have an epiphany to share that can be better explained by an analogy, I go into research mode. This post is one of those that can be better explained through a medical analogy, thus I hope that I do justice to the explanation and clarification of blockages in your life!

Have you ever felt like something was holding you back, but you couldn’t seem to identify it? I’ve wondered why some people are being held back from their dreams, desires, and destinies. As I thought and questioned this, the word BLOCKAGE appeared before me so clearly that I couldn't deny that it came straight from God.

I quickly went to Google to define the word BLOCKAGE, because Google knows everything 😀. (Side note: does anyone else use google this much?) Blockage is defined as an obstruction that makes movement or flow difficult or impossible.

Through this definition, I began to make sense of blockages in our lives; the things that are obstructing movement or holding us back. I quickly began to think about a blocked artery. It's like trying to pass healthy blood through arteries but there is something getting in the way. Medical research tells us that a blockage can be caused by prior damage or unhealthy build up. Despite how much you try to maneuver it, blood keeps getting stuck or restricted when it seeks to pass through. Although there are times when a few drops here or there will get through, there is never enough capacity for it to freely flow as intended.

I'm convinced that this is exactly what is happening in some of our lives. Opportunities are being blocked because of prior damage, holding on to past hurts, and unhealthy habits that have built up. Breakthroughs in our careers, relationships, and finances are being blocked/restricted because of buildup or faulty thinking patterns.

The tough thing to accept is the notion that blockages often happen because of self-imposed habits. (That's tough right) Causes of artery blockages are caused by our diets, smoking, or a sedentary lifestyle. While passion and purpose blockages may be caused by or own mental triggers, our pasts, and cycles of fear. The great news is, there are blockages that WE CAN control.

I'm coming to tell you that these blockages must be cleared and corrected immediately if we want to move these dreams forward. We must clear the way so we can operate at full capacity!

We must push through the cycles and things we are convincing ourselves of. Ask yourself?

  • What am I telling myself?

  • What narrative has been created in my mind?

  • What am I holding on to that I need to let go of?

  • What situations are in my rearview mirror, causing me to look back and not ahead?

  • What are the pain points in my life that I continue to replicate?

Take a moment to answer the questions above and review your responses. It's those responses that are blocking future blessings. They keep you bound in a place where you can't push through. Those responses trap us in cycles that we cannot navigate successfully.

Action Step: The feeling of defeat is REAL and we cannot allow it to keep us bound and blocked. It starts with your mouth and your mind. Write a good confession to start the process and repeat it everyday. Confess that your passion and purpose is not blocked. Confess that dreams and opportunities pour into your life. Ask God to take control of your mouth and mind. Declare that your path is clear, and abundance is upon you. #YouGotThis

Live Your #GoalDriven Life,

Dr. LMoore

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