Happiness Heals: Discovering Your Own Healing Power

I have always said, if you want to make me HAPPY, buy me a cupcake! That simple! It makes me smile, I feel good when I eat a cupcake, and to me, a cupcake has healing power. Will it heal my heart and repair me in my darkest moments, Nope. But in its simplest form, it is pure happiness for me.

Now ask yourself, what is that ONE thing that ALWAYS makes me happy? I mean the happiness is instant when you encounter this thing.

The ONE thing that ALWAYS makes me happy is

Everyone should have an answer to the question above. If you don’t, or if you want to discover ways to increase your own happiness, this post is for you.

Happiness is defined as the quality or state of good fortune, pleasure, or joy (dictionary.com). We learned very early on, hopefully, that we are all in a pursuit of happiness. We pursue happiness every day in our careers, our relationships, the material items that we strive to obtain, and our futures more generally. It’s why we make the choices that we make… RIGHT! One thing that is tough about happiness is that this feeling or emotion is often unsustainable. I know that’s hard to hear but it’s the truth.

We enter relationships with an abundance of happiness, buy cars and homes (shoes if you’re like me) to make us happy, embark on new positions to create happiness and really, this happiness thing can come or go within the matter of minutes…Shame! I’ve heard some people say that you need more than happiness, and its joy that you should be seeking. But aren’t these synonymous?

Happiness takes constant work every day and often times our efforts can have an adverse effect. But, this is ok my friend if you’re up for the challenge. The thing that I love about happiness is that it can be created internally. This starts with knowing yourself well enough to answer the question above and understanding when to try something different.

One activity that I have loved engaging in with some of my previous clients as well as my friends is the HaPPiNeSS list. I would simply ask, what makes you happy? It never failed that I would only hear about 4-5 things. I would respond: THAT’S IT? My challenge to them would be: make a list of things that make you happy, from free to the most expensive…any and everything that you can think of. Consider activities that you have enjoyed in the past or anything that has made you smile. MAKE A LIST! This was homework in most cases, especially for people who were going through periods of feeling down or disconnected.

I never ask people to do things that I have not done so I often shared my practice! I too keep a list of HaPPiNeSS! It’s the first thing I write when I purchase a new notebook/journal. I love to write things down, so I use the first page of each book to list things that make me happy, intentionally filling the entire page. I can always flip back to that first page and it’s often the quick reference I need to snap myself back into place. But man, my list is so random… including cupcakes, skating, Chicago, watching CeCe on Facebook, India Arie, comedy shows and listening to Sarah Jakes Roberts to name a few. It’s all over the place but it is available for me to refer to as needed. The main point here is…I have a list. DO YOU?

PSA: You know I have a task for you right!

  • I want you to the create a HaPPiNeSS list! Write down any and everything you can think of that makes you happy. (Small, big, free, expensive, alone, with others, hobbies, past experiences etc. if it makes you smile it should be on the list)

  • Try to fill an entire page, creating options when you’re in need of “the list”

If you encounter any of the following situations, use these simple instructions:

  • When you get stressed: Go to the list!

  • When you feel down: What’s one thing you can do from your list?

  • When you are overwhelmed: Go to the list!

  • When you are sad: Choose 1 thing from the list.

  • When you’re doubting yourself: Go to the list!

  • When you need to smile: Look at the list.

  • When you are hungry: DON’T GO TO THE LIST unless food is on the list!

  • When life is full of March Madness: Create and remind yourself daily of your “list”:)

Live Your #GoalDriven Life


P.S. I LOVE feedback so feel free to send it at any time or leave a comment below:)

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