I am My BEST SELF when…

After you read the title of this post, did you complete the statement? Did you insert a time, situation or condition where you are your best self? Is your brain wondering hummm, when am I my best self? Well, that is indeed the goal of this post my friend! So let’s jump right in!!

As I was having a cup of coffee on the balcony, oceanfront view during a self-care trip (talk about conditions) I pulled out my phone to capture a photo. My first instinct was to caption the photo “I am my best self when I am at the beach”. However, I found myself refraining from using the caption because I began to ponder about other times when I am also the best version of myself. Am I my best self when I put headphones in and sing loudly around the house….YES! Am I my best self when I light candles before work and set the tone for my day…YES! Am I my best self when I am worshipping and spending time with God…YES!

As I challenged myself to consider ALL circumstances of when I am my best self, I realized that we are not limited to one version of ourselves. That I can be my best self in various situations that may not look the same. Do you agree? Are you still pondering circumstances that make you the best version of you? Please, do take some time to really think about this! Maybe it is a ritual that you complete that brings out the best in you, could be when you are alone or even with a particular friend. For some it may be when they’re exercising or listening to music. It may as specific as I’m best on Thursday night while watching my favorite TV show. Despite what circumstance it may be…the goal is to FIND IT! Again, don’t limit yourself, write down any conditions that you can think of where you are operating at your absolute BEST!

Here a few tips to discover your BEST SELF

Create an environment that fulfills you, uplifts you and empowers you to be the best version of yourself! We are indeed responsible for our own internal happiness and joy; thus, we must create an environment that ushers in such joy. If you have not discovered what that environment is for you, try new things. We create positive environments by appeasing our five senses (sight/sound/taste/touch/smell). Surround yourself by delightful views and sounds that you will enjoy. Use fragrances to set the mood and smells that calm you. What feels good to you, eases your mind or makes you feel at peace? Explore practices such as lighting candles and listening to soothing sounds. And if you already know that music gets you full on hype and ready to hit the streets is the impetus for you becoming the best version of yourself…Go right ahead and blast it! The goal here is for YOU to create the environment that makes you thrive!

Communicate to others about conditions and circumstances that expose the best side of you. It’s so important that our significant others, family members, friends, and colleagues know what conditions bring out the best in us. Once you have discovered stages of your best self, tell someone. Share, Share, Share… with those who you spend time with. Although I do not feel people intentionally seek to irritate us and cause us to be anything less than our best selves, I do believe that if they do not know, they can’t be intentional. Share what makes you thrive and what you need to optimize your performance. Trust me, bosses love when you are clear about how you can bring the best version of yourself to work. And spouses, they indeed love it too!

Challenge yourself when you are having a tough day or experiencing difficulty. Shift your surroundings and include the elements that uncover your best self. Once you have discovered conditions that bring out your best self, seek it every day. I mean, don’t we all want to show up in life as the best version of ourselves every day? If things are going well, remind yourself of what you need to become a greater version of yourself. Whether its gospel music or trap, a candle or a diffuser, to be near someone or far far away…this is about YOU! Challenge yourself to move into an environment that you know precisely how to create. After all, it is in this place where you will also find your PEACE!

P.S.-I’ve engaged in the best version of myself over the past few weeks:) I am a few days away from releasing Driving My Dreams: A Guide to Effective Goal Setting and Strategic Life Planning and I want my mailing list to be the first to know! Stay tuned to a follow up email and release of my e-book/workbook, 40 pages full of practical resources to manifest your goals!

Live your #GoalDriven Life,

Dr. LMoore

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