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Whoop Whoop, last week of February. Wow this month has flown by. I hope you have enjoyed reading and assessing relationships with me this month for February’s theme: Four types of relationships that are imperative for personal and professional growth besides a romantic one. This month of LoVe has shown us how mentors, a relationship with yourself, and a squad can increase personal and professional growth. This week, we are tackling the most important relationship, in my opinion.


I am aware that I have readers with different spiritual beliefs and I completely respect that. I think the most important thing here is that you actually HAVE a relationship with a higher power, where you can connect in the spiritual realm. For the context of this post, I am referring to my personal beliefs in GOD. Having a spiritual relationship has changed MY life completely. Yet I wanted you to hear transformations from others as well.


How has having a spiritual relationship changed your life?

Why is a spiritual relationship so important?

Having a spiritual relationship creates a foundation for EVERY other relationship in your life. Actually, it’s the foundation for EVERY sector of your life overall. Being connected in the spiritual realm opens doors for opportunities to “just happen” …FAVOR! It also allows for manifestation of ideas, purpose, and passion to take root and flourish. God has a book of promises for us already, and if we would just connect with him and have faith that he will guide us through, we can reap the rewards of his promises. {I.E. your family, friends, relationships, jobs, business, goals, children, ideas, home, etc. will all reap rewards and manifest blessings}

3 Ways to Develop & Increase Your Spiritual Connection:

Spend Quality Time

Just like spending quality time with a romantic partner, God wants us to spend quality time with him. Not hit-or-miss prayers or calling his name from time to time, but intentional quality time. For some people, this is praying, listening to music, reading, writing in a journal, or meditating in his words. Regardless of how you spend time, ensure the time is quality! Take 5-10 minutes in the morning before you get your day started or a few minutes before you fall asleep and create your own routine. Spending quality time with God is a sure way to increase your spiritual connection and alignment.

Announce your availability

THIS…is A-MAZ-ING! After talking with my best friend, a couple months ago, she told me about a practice that she has to gain confirmation and revelation from God. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, heading to the bathroom or at random, she speaks to God aloud. “God I am available” she says. It is in these moments where she gains clarity, revelation, and confirmation in the wee hours of the night.

I was excited to try this new way of connecting with God and began to tell God I was available when I woke up for potty breaks in the middle of the night. I even open my bible to a random verse to read during this time. The results are simply amazing! I began to hear more clearly as well as developed a sense of peace related to specific topics I was asking God about. If you want to increase your spiritual relationship, announce your availability to hear what he has to say. We get so caught up in daily life that I bet God feels we have little to no time for him. He who has created this time for us…announce that you are available to him!

Pray for His Will

I believe that God has already created a path and destination for my life. However, as humans we can often get in our own way and make decisions that are not connected with the spirit. Because I’ve learned the hard way by doing things that God did not want me to do, I have learned to ask for the WILL of God to be done in my life every day. When you don’t follow God’s plan, it’s PAINFUL…but following his plan is PEACEFUL! I challenge you to pray for the will of God to be done in your life daily and watch how things begin to change. Specifically, I ask him to block things that are not in his will because I know my flesh and my mind will begin to make decisions. He placed you on this earth for a specific purpose so ensure that you fulfill his mission and not your own.

Describe Your Expectations

When we are spending time with God, whether in a church building or at our homes, we should be clear about our expectations. What are you expecting from him as you enter his presence? What do you want to be changed upon his arrival? Be clear about your expectations each and EVERY time you spend time with God. Otherwise, you are having a social hour. People often come with heavy hearts and things on their minds. Those very things should be a set of expectations for him to bring clarity to or remove from you completely. Set them HIGH and remember he can do ANYTHING for you!

*Live Your Goal Driven Life*

Dr. LMoore

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