The BDay Edition!

Hey frans,

I’ve been thinking of you:) I wanted to send a message on a very special day…MY BUFDAY! It’s amazing what God has done for me in my short 34 years of life. I stopped by to let you know how appreciative I am of your continued support, in whatever capacity that may be. I have not written a blog post in a few weeks because I’ve been in the middle of packing and moving (we know how stressful this can be). Because of my lack of complete focus to write an entire post, I decided to give a little motivation here by sharing the top 3 things that are increasing my mojo right now! #Mojo&Motivation

Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans- THIS BOOK has changed my life so much that I keep reading it. Well listening to it…you know audible has spoiled readers! There is something about this read that completely lifts my spirit, gives so many practical tips that I need pen and paper, and launches me into greatness in each chapter. It is biblically based so there are often references from scripture in a tone that we can all understand. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and get some motivation that will thrust you forward, this is it. Sidenote for men: this is not a chick flick! If you can get through the “girly” first chapter there is definite inspiration in the chapters to follow!

Diffuser & Essential Oils- Can I say that I LOVE essential oils! I have traditionally been a person who desperately needs to watch TV to fall asleep. Over the past few weeks, I have replaced TV with cutting on my diffuser and adding a few drops of essential oil. I have contributed my amazing sleep patterns to this new practice during a time that could be so stressful (#moving). If you are looking to increase your mojo AND have tons of amazing properties for your body, skin, and soul, essential oils is the way to go.


Think and Grow Chick Podcast- The latest episode (How to create your own opportunities) focused on the “WAM” (what about me) syndrome. It’s the feeling that we all experience at some point when we see others getting opportunities that we also desire to have. Sometimes, this leads to questioning yourself or feeling overlooked. For some of us, it leads to the waiting game, waiting on the time and opportunity to come. While this is true, since everything has a rightful place in God’s timing, we also have a choice to make. Courtney expressed that often times we wait for things happen for us instead of actively going after the opportunities we want by creating them. The main point here, stop waiting for things to fall into your lap….go after it! Now that’s enough inspiration to lift my mojo! Make those phone calls, send the emails, and network yourself into a new opportunity TODAY!

I hope that these current obsessions of mine will increase your mojo as well. I have included amazon links if you are interested in any of these inspirations. (CLICK HERE) Disclosure: I will receive a small compensation through amazon for any purchase. If you have an audible account and have NEVER received a book from someone, your first book is free. REPLY and I’ll send a copy of Believe Bigger for FREE if this applies to you!

Have a #GoalDriven day on purpose!

Dr. LMoore



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