Transition: A Season for Divine Cognition

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hey Hey my frannnnns!

It has been a while since you’ve heard from me and I have indeed missed you. But, just because I haven’t sent a message/post in a while does not mean that I have not thought about you and prayed for you. Actually, it is a normal routine to seek clarity and understand messages that I should be delivering to those who follow my journey. I seek to gain wisdom on anything that will inspire, uplift and shift you in such a way that growth is the byproduct!

I spent January fasting and spending more time with God and this my friend lead to huge shifts in my life. There were so many lessons learned that I believe are universal...lessons that can apply to you as well. So, I’ll be jumping back on my blog in 2019 to release everything that has been extremely valuable during this time. It’s amazing how fasting for a month can create insight and clarity that will last a lifetime.

My pastor explains it like a plane taking off: Fasting in new year is like an airplane taking off, burning most of its fuel in the beginning. The airplane will then coast for the rest of the ride. Well, I have divine downloads that have been placed in my heart and I believe I will coast and will not have to work as hard during the remaining part of the year.

Often at the end of January/February, we begin to experience transition as a result of ALL the self-reflection we absorbed. As we were seeking a fresh start in 2019, little did we know that we were shaking things up in the universe for our good. Little did we know that we would experience transitions that may become difficult to manage.

All good right…after all, we asked for these transitions and for #newbeginnings in our lives. NOT ALL GOOD! You can easily find yourself in the trenches during a transition EVEN if the transition is the result of WHAT YOU WANTED!

Don’t Worry, Don’t Fear…
5 Tips to Handle a DESIRED Transition is HERE!

FINISH: During a desired transition, one that you have prayed, you want to finish strong. As humans, we have a tendency to give up and let things go numb toward the end because we see our way out. Although it can be tempting to throw in the towel right at the end, this is the time to go above and beyond. Trust me, this will be defying the odds and go against expectations, so it is exactly how you want to wrap things up. This could mean being the bigger person or the person with the most integrity so, spend time ending properly and creating opportunities for others to see you shine. What can you do that will blow the mind of others and create a WOW moment that lasts forever? You never know who you will need or encounter later therefore you want them to remember your efforts. Most importantly friend, finish strong for yourself! No one exudes your character like YOU so complete the mission in a manner that YOU are proud of.

FREEDOM: This one may seem a bit cliché yet it’s so essential! Seek freedom during your transition by unplugging and spending some time with yourself. Habitually, we as humans finish one thing and move right into another with no transition time. I can definitely understand this if there is an unplanned transition in which you did not have an opportunity to prepare for. However, during a DESIRED transition, one that you have prayed for, be intentional about your transition time. Whether it’s a day, week or month, you’ll need freedom from your normal routine. This freedom allows you to think and recalibrate where you have been, where you are right now and where you are going. There is nothing like having a clear mind during a transition and gaining much needed self-care. Free yourself friend and refuse to take your old ways of doing life into your new season of LIFE!

FORGIVE: As I was listening to a podcast from One LA church, it became apparent on just how important forgiveness is during a period of transition. As we are moving on from one job to another, one home to another, one relationship to another there is often baggage and unpleasant situations attached to the previous experience. Though you may be leaving with a clean heart, can you look back and find situations that may have been hurtful during that experience? If so…forgiveness if fundamental! Pastor Touré states during this podcast episode that we should forgive the WHAT although we may not know the WHY! When you are transitioning from one thing to another, take time to consider anything that may be lingering and forgive the person, the system or the organization. Although we can make assumptions and have perceptions about WHY the person or the system caused us hurt we cannot be sure of the intentions. So, forgive for WHAT happened to you and do not spend time wondering WHY they inflicted pain.

Forgiveness is important for your own sake and allows you to walk into your new situation with freedom.

FORM: In implementation, we often say function over form. This means that as long as something is functioning in the way intended, the form does not matter. During a desired transition period, I believe the opposite is true. Spend time creating FORM so things will function properly in your new season. Simply put, ORGANIZE and create SYSTEMS to increase the flow in your life. Whether you are ending a job, contract, relationship, or moving locations, there will be old patterns that need to end as well. In addition to old patterns, we have a tendency to create clutter in our lives when we have been stable in one place for a while. Reorganize and clean up the clutter, figuratively or literally. FORM new habits that will be beneficial for your new season.

FOCUS: One final technique to help you handle a DESIRED transition is to FOCUS. After all, if this is something you desired, there must be a vision attached right? Stay focused on the vision that you originally experienced, the vision that caused you to desire this transition. What is the WHY attached to this vision? Remind yourself of why you desired this transition and how it will benefit your life. Transition is difficult, planned or not, but during such a time as this… continue to remind yourself of the vision. Be intentional about focusing on the vision every day despite any challenges you may encounter.

My friend, get READY! If you have been praying for something new to manifest in your life…it is coming. Know that you must be intentional during the transition period because the enemy can make you second guess your decisions.

*FINISH strong. *seek FREEDOM. *FORGIVE. *Create FORM. *stay Focused


Live your #GoalDriven life,

Dr. LMoore

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