Can I just start by saying #SELFCAREISEVERYTHING! As I sit here on a self-care trip, sipping apple juice and eating breakfast on the balcony, I am reminded of so many important things. The purpose of this 2.5-day vacation wasn’t to pack it out with fun things to do. The purpose was to engage in self-care that allowed me to sit, rest, put things in perspective, restore my brainpower, and rid of the any mental toxins that could be blocking things in my life.

During my journaling this morning, I captured the cover photo here! The intention was to text it to my friends and update them on my “balcony action”. However, God stepped in and revealed that this very photo served another purpose.

There is someone who needs to hear, see, and read


Someone who has been doubting. Someone who is afraid to make the next move. Someone whose mind has been cluttered. Someone who needs restoration. Someone who has been distracted. Someone who feels overwhelmed. Someone who has allowed a situation to take over their entire lives. Someone who feels depressed. Someone who feels confused. There is someone who needs to, hear, see, and read


The bizarre thing is, these three words are something we hear all the time right. If you are surrounded by encouraging and supportive people (hopefully so), they have told you at some point when you began to doubt things… YOU GOT THIS! So, one purpose of this post is to not only remind you of this very notion but share the tips that have helped restore my mindset during this trip.

Since I arrived and set my sights on the beautiful ocean, I have not experienced one negative thought or any glimpse of fear. I haven’t talked myself out of an idea or considered several reasons why it may not work. I attribute that to WATER! As I think about it, it almost seems silly that being around a body of water would alter normal thought patterns that cycle with success on one hand and fear on another. But, I’m reminded of the properties of water and restoration that it brings. Water has healing powers and we could all benefit from the renewal that can be experienced through water. If you cannot physically get to a body of water such as a beach or lake, download a nature sounds app on your phone or device, close your eyes, and clear your mind. I promise it’ll bring a sense of peace that is much needed for self-care and empowerment.

The second tip that has been so beneficial during this time is PREPARATION! One way to remove complacency as you are waiting for the blessing to come is to prepare for it. What would your life be like if this thing that you’re hoping for comes to pass? What would you do differently? Although I’ve thought about this before I have really gained clarity on the preparation process. If I were preparing to move to a new city, I would prepare by looking at homes, checking prices of cable and utilities in the area, reading reviews, calling moving companies and saving for expenses. Somehow, when we’re waiting on a concrete thing to happen, we prepare by taking concrete action steps.

Again, concrete action steps!

You’ll also need concrete action steps in preparation for blessings or things you’ve prayed for to manifest in your life.

IF your boss started acting right next week, have you prepared for that? If not, start preparing how your work would shift and maybe how your attitude would shift. Go in with that attitude NOW!

IF your business doubled the customers/orders in 2 months, have you prepared for that? You may need to think ahead and develop systems that will help you manage the volume and abundance coming your way.

IF the position came open and you were able to move in a month, have you prepared for that? You may need to save deposit money and consider neighborhoods to live in. You may need to GPS your way to work and prepare for new traffic patterns.

IF you had ALL the money you’ve been praying for, are you ready to handle it? You may need to develop a budgeting system or sit down with your current finances before you take on that lump sum coming your way.

Note to self and to you:)

Old, broken, or shaky foundations DO NOT have the capacity to take on new blessings and manifestations. So, prepare and get things in order…


Live your #GoalDriven Life!

Dr. LMoore

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