Spiritual Consulting

Increase Your Alignment

Looking to develop personally or develop your business  but not sure where to turn? Spiritual Consulting is directly led by Holy Spirit. It is designed to connect and align with what the will of God says about you and your business, including strategies for epic success.

As a Christian believer, I've been gifted to receive words of wisdon, knowledge and revelation in the form of vision. As a Seer, I spend time with God requesting a vision and word about you personally and/or your business to increase alignment with his will. Ready to allow God to provide a prophetic word that speaks directly to you?


Are you feeling stuck or like you need clarity on your next steps? Spiritual Consulting for individuals includes a 60 minute 1:1 video session with Dr. Moore.


Walk boldly into your next endeavor or stage of life with clear guidance and kingdom strategies. There is no room for confusion when you increase alignment with your gifts. 


What to Expect:

Clarity sessions begin and end with prayer, allowing Holy Spirit to provide divine guidance and truth. 

In addition, expect an attentive ear and divine connection that produces ideas and undeniably clear vision during the session.


Follow-up coaching sessions to develop strategy are available as needed.  



Do you have an idea or business that you would like to implement? Seeking to create a prosperous business that is not only financially fruitful but aligned with the will of God?

Work with Dr. Moore to gain direction and vision for your business endeavors. You'll receive clear direction to move forward in faith and not fear. 



Spiritual Consulting for businesses includes 3 phases. 

What to expect:

Discovery: 30 mins of Information Gathering about business idea or mission

Delivery: 60 mins with Dr. Moore to share the vision God revealed

Development: 2/3 additional sessions to develop the vision through strategy and implementation

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